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Classic Apple

Alc 4.5% 330ml

Rochdale Classic Apple Cider is a sparkling straw colour, with crisp acidity balanced by the sweetness of tree-ripened apples. Full bodied on the palate, it has a smooth finish with notes of buttery vanilla.

With the distinctive taste of apples, this well balanced Classic Apple Cider is brewed without any added preservatives, sulphites or sugar. More info

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Our awards

2017 - New World Beer & Cider Awards 2017

2017 - Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Cup

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Classic Apple

A classic brew made using our tried and true recipe, Rochdale Classic Apple Cider speaks with simplicity, is honest and grounded.

Our Classic Apple Cider is brewed using Rochdale’s authentic recipe and pure glacial water. A touch of fruity sweetness from the distinctive taste of tree-ripened apples and that classic dry tartness for a smooth finish.


Rochdale Classic 4.5%Average Quantity Per Serve 330 mlAverage Quantity Per 100ml
Energy 666kj 202kj
Protein <0.3g <0.1g
Fat 0.6g 0.2g
Carbohydrate 32.3g 9.8g
-Sugars 15.5g 4.7g
Sodium 7.9mg 2.4mg
Gluten  <3ppm (gluten free) <3ppm (gluten free)
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Our Awards


2017 - New World Beer & Cider Awards 2017

2017 - Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Cup

2017 - Australian Cider Awards

2017 - New Zealand Cider Awards

2014 - International Cider Challenge

2013 - International Cider Challenge


2016 - International Cider Challenge

2016 - International Cider Challenge Design & Packaging

2016 - Australian Cider Awards

2015 - International Cider Challenge

2015 - Fruit Wine and Cider Makers

2014 - Fruit Wine and Cider Makers

2013 - Asia Beer Awards

2013 - Brewers Guild Awards

2012 - Fruit Wine and Cider Makers

2010 - Fruit Wine and Cider Makers


2012 - Beer Magazine Awards

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