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About Us


Starting way back in the 1930's, Rochdale, New Zealand's oldest cidery embarked on a journey to produce the world's best cider combining pure glacial water with the finest New Zealand crushed apples.

At the top of New Zealand’s South Island during the 1930s, amidst the spectacular scenery and the sun-drenched beaches of the Nelson region, the Rochdale Cidery began to take shape on a site framed by thriving apple orchards, and on top of a glacial aquifer.

Our glacial water is sourced deep below our brewery from an ice age reservoir, traced to the Palaeolithic period some 14,000 years ago.

Bottles of crisp golden goodness started rolling out in the 40s, helping to raise the spirits of a nation dealing with the challenges and tragedies of WWII. Ever the trail-blazer, Rochdale remained the sole manufacturer of cider well into the 70s, when the McCashin family first set eyes on this local institution.

Before long they’d bought the place, taking possession in 1980 but continuing the traditions of excellence and innovation that are entrenched in the brand.

Handcrafted and refined over time, the principles however have remained the same – to create pure cider from the finest crushed New Zealand apples and pears and glacial water, as simple as that. It’s a mindset that’s been acknowledged with many awards and accolades.

The legend of a cider that's unlike any other continues, overseen by the family of craft brewing pioneers, the McCashins.